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This is a research project by PhD candidate Jorge Edison Lascano and professor Dr. Stephen Clyde at Utah State University. With collaboration of Dr. Ali Raza

Many concepts contained in this page originated in the paper "A Pattern Language for Application-level Communication Protocols"[1] published at IARA-ICSEA 2016 by Jorge Edison Lascano and Stephen Wright Clyde (authors of the page).


Distributed applications depend on application-layer communication protocols to exchange data among processes and coordinate distributed operations, independent of underlying communication subsystems and lower level protocols. Since such protocols are application-specific, developers often must invent or re-invent solutions to reoccurring problems. This paper introduces a pattern language, called CommDP, consisting of nine design patterns that can help developers understand existing reusable solutions and how those solutions might apply to their situations. Consistent with other pattern languages, the CommDP patterns are described in terms of the problems they address, their contexts, and solutions. The problems and consequences of the solutions are evaluated against four desirable qualities: reliability, synchronicity, longevity, and adaptability for scalable distribution. [1]
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